My Story

For most of my adult life I was driven by the belief that I needed to prove I was good enough. I took on challenges in academics, social justice work personal growth, keeping fit and a career in technical marketing.  But despite my achievements the experience of reciprocal fulfilling relationships eluded me. While focusing on pleasing others in nearly all my relationships, I consistently found myself acting as a blood donor to energy vampires.

I’d grown up with narcissistic family members, and without recognizing the warning signs had a pattern of entering relationships with people high in narcissistic traits. My wake up call finally came when I was terrified to leave the house I shared with my partner and found every part of my life spiraling down as my energy was drained by trying to please a partner that became increasingly controlling and critical

That’s when I woke and decided to make a full recovery from my patterns of self love deficiency and becoming food for narcissists in search of supply. I followed a process to break free, heal and heal my inner wounds so I could live from a place of fearless authenticity.

This healing process allowed me to pursue my dream of traveling and living in South America  for two years and counting. While my story has a happy ending, for much of this journey I felt alone. I now coach others recovering from narcissistic abuse to walk the healing path and move forward to reclaim their lives.